Upon your arrival at Thessaloniki's Airport "Macedonia" you have the following options:

Public Transportation: There's a bus (# 78) almost every hour taking you to the Intercity Bus Station. Ticket costs 1euro per person, you can check the itinerary here.
From the Intercity Bus Station you can take the bus to Katerini (service every 30minutes - check the itinerary here), ticket costs 6.5euros per person. Once you arrive at Katerini central bus station you can take either the bus to Paralia (every 15minutes- ticket 1.50euros) or a taxi directly to the hotel (approximately 7euros).

Taxi or Shuttle: The cost for a taxi up to 4 people is 90euros one way and you can book it with us. The cost for shuttle 5-8 people is 150euros and you can book it with us.
Taxis outside the airport would cost about 100-120euros and you should make a deal with them before entering the taxi.

Most of the trains that run central Greece make a stop at Katerini. For train tickets you can book here.
Upon your arrival at Katerini train station you can either take a taxi (approximate cost 5euros) or take the bus to Paralia.
Bus services run every 15minutes until 22:00 at night.

Whichever way you enter Greece you need to follow the signs to E75 highway, which is the one running through Greece from Thessaloniki to Athens.
Once you get the Katerini exit, you follow the signs to Paralia. When you get to the central street of Paralia that leads you down to the beach in front of a white church the road splits into two directions. You make a left turn on the road that drives parallel to the beach and on the first street on your left you will find us.